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Cast List

Cast list for Pippin

Leading Player - Madeline Alexander
Leading Player - Kaity Kuhnert
Leading Player - Sophie Stefka

Pippin - Clayton Cox
Charles - Anthony Saviello
Fastrada - Elyssa Hallgren
Berthe - John Van Doren
Catherine - Helen Beisswenger
Lewis - Paul Feeney
Theo - Jaxson Marté


Joseph Bartkowiak
Teghan Breiner
DeAnté Bryant
Ashlee Burns
Janea Burris
Liberty Chandler
Lillyana Davis
Megan Dempsey
Coen Jones
Victoria Kubitschek
Quez Morrison
Audrey Morton
Caleb Nelson
Elijah Nelson
Brendan Nieto
Adebayo Ojeniji
Julia Robertson
Ciara Siebert
Malachi Simpson
Brody Summers
Christian Taylor
Kayla Urmson
Lucas Volz
Kamarae Wilson

For those on the list need to report to Room 105 on Tuesday, September 5th for our first rehearsal.

MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO ATTEND 3:10-6:00PM. Bring with you a 3 ring binder, loose paper in the binder and something to write with.

Thank you, for all who auditioned. Remember that it is nothing personal, We were looking for specific people for these cast parts and please do not let this keep you from auditioning again. You may not have been right for this show but you could be great for another production. This was a very difficult process, there were a lot of great auditions. You made it tough for us to choose. Please do try out again!!

** NOTE **

The Directors will not answer any questions regarding why someone did or did not get cast. Part of being professional is not crying to the directors about why you did not get cast.

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