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The opening

Working Working
Micah telling us about the bushes

Working Working
What a song.

Working Working

Working Working
Amiee D. working hard.

Working Working
End of Act 1

Working Working
Shelbie in the light.

Working Working
Dylan tell us without the hair flip.

Working Working
See that building.

Working Working

Working Working

Working Working

Cast list for Working

Mike Dillard – Josh Plunkett
Amanda McKenny – Catherine Vaughan
Headphones Man – Tyler Tracy
Man in Cube – Austin Green
Rex Winship – Dustin Brown
John Rolfing – Micah Scroggins
Rose Hoffman – Elaina O'Neal
Brett – Jacob Sommerfeld
Bebe Secolli – Ari Botsford
E. Hernandez – Lucas Tavora
Kate Rushton – Gretchen Wright
Conrad Swibel – Dennis Burnett
Roberta Victor – Erin Routh
Candy Cottingham – Tara Chilton
Grace Clements – Amiee Durham
Millworker 2 – Kendra Vaughan
Woman – Brie Cassil
Anthony Coelho – J.D. Marshall
Frank Deckard – Dennis Burnett
Dave – Tyler Tracy
Heather – Shelbie Hutton
Sharon – Tara Chilton
Enid – Janay Ross
Delores Dante – Lindsy Greig
Joe Zutty – Dustin Brown
Tom Patrick – Dylan Spruance
Maggie Holmes – Erin Routh
Ralph Werner – Jake Sommerfeld
Charlie Blossom – Austin Green
Male Singer – Dustin Brown

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